Tulsa County Sheriff Testifies Before Grand Jury

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 10:30 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz arrived at the county courthouse Wednesday morning to testify before the grand jury investigating him and his office.

As he walked into the judge's chambers, Glanz did not speak to journalists gathered outside.

The investigation began after reserve deputy Bob Bates confused his gun for a Taser and shot and killed Eric Harris, a suspect in a sting operation. The grand jury began meeting just before 9 a.m. and just before 1 p.m. Glanz was seen walking out of the courtroom with his attorney.

Last week, Glanz said he had been subpoenaed by the grand jury and welcomed the chance to tell his side. At that time, Glanz talked with News On 6 about whether he's nervous to testify.

Reporter: "You nervous about it?"
Glanz: "No, I want to get in there and tell them."
Reporter: "Are you nervous about the outcome?"
Glanz: "Nope."

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The attorney for Glanz, Scott Wood, said on Wednesday after testimony was taken that the sheriff took advantage of the opportunity.

"He did have a chance to clear the air," Wood said. "They asked a lot of excellent questions. It's apparent they've digested lots and lots of information over the weeks they've been here."

The grand jury has been working for two months, after a group called "We the People" collected enough signatures to seat it after the death of Harris. Bates is charged with manslaughter in Harris' death, Bates says he mistakenly grabbed his gun instead of his Taser to help subdue Harris after an undercover gun buy sting operation.

After that, questions were raised about whether Bates had the proper training or if he was given special privileges because he had made generous donations of equipment to the sheriff's office.

"The sheriff had an opportunity to explain a lot of things and brought them to the attention of the grand jury," Wood said. "From that standpoint, we're glad he finally got that opportunity."

The grand jury told the sheriff they did not have any more questions for him, but they requested to look at some recently discovered documents. We're told those documents were provided to the grand jury this afternoon.

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