Green Country Mother Wants Daughter In Prison - To Save Her

Tuesday, September 22nd 2015, 6:48 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country mother is not trying to keep her child out of prison - but rather trying to get her sent there. Brenda Boling says she and her husband have done everything to help their oldest daughter, but nothing works.

They believe prison is her last chance, but they feel like no one is listening.

Izabella Boling is in the Tulsa County jail right now. While no parent wants to see their child locked up, Izabella's parents have contacted judges, DAs, state lawmakers, even the Governor, trying to get their daughter sent to prison. They believe it's the only way to save Izabella's life.

"This is the charges she's got right now. Two felonies in Tulsa, 15 in Wagoner, and she's 19," said Brenda Boling.

Brenda and her husband adopted Izabella when she was 11. They say she had anger issues that turned violent when she hit her teens.

"She's kicked me in the back so bad, I couldn't walk; she kicked me in the head and knocked me out, I mean - cold, knocked me out," Brenda said.

They put her in 12 different behavioral facilities for help. They say she ran away many times, then got hooked on meth. They struggle to figure out how a beautiful girl who dreamed of being a nurse and worked in the daycare at church, slowly turned into a young woman who's been arrested over and over and over.

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They say no matter how many times she skips court, doesn't pay her fines or how many warrants are issued, authorities keep letting her out.

"When she violates that and comes back to your court, why not send her to prison? Why aren't you holding her accountable for her actions?" Brenda Boling asked.

She's says she's told there's no room in prison so they offer Izabella alternative sentences, but Brenda says that's not working.

"We went to see her in Wagoner County, and she came in sucking her thumb. I said, 'what are you doing?' She said 'it'll help me with my mental plea, it'll help my case.' Really? That's your mentality?"

Brenda believes prison may be the only way to save her daughter's life from this destructive path.

"I don't want to get that phone call saying you need to identify this body," Brenda said.

Izabella has only a misdemeanor conviction right now. She's pleaded not guilty to the Tulsa County charges.