Oklahoma Gulf War Veterans Come Together For Special Reunion

Saturday, September 5th 2015, 10:52 pm
By: News On 6

Veterans of Operation Desert Storm had a special reunion this weekend.

Many of these veterans haven't seen each other in more than two decades. So Saturday was all about exchanging stories, hugs and even a few tears.

Technically, it's not a family reunion.

But for these original members of the 145th medical company of Oklahoma's National Guard, it may as well be.

"These are all my brothers and sisters from 145 Med," Sgt. Maj. John Coble said.

In 1990, the men and women packed up and left Broken Arrow to serve in Iraq and Kuwait.

They gave medical help to both American soldiers and enemy prisoners of war for six months until the war ended.

They saved lives.

"I was able to work the front desk, so they would come in, we take their weapon and get them seen by the doc, and out they'd go again," Maj. Jessica Polvikoski said.

They also depended on one another.

"You're counting on the person next to you, and he's counting on you, and she's counting on you,” Coble said. “There's no difference between men and women. You're just soldiers."

After more than two decades, the veterans say the memories flooded back immediately.

And so did their love and respect for one another.

"You may not recognize them immediately, but then you're like, 'Oh yeah, oh my gosh!' And it's like you just got up from them yesterday and walked away,” Polvikoski said. “And now it's the same, exactly the same."

Very little has changed, except for one thing.

"We've all gotten old, she said.

The organizers of the reunion say it never would have been possible without Facebook. That's how they found a lot of the members and brought them all together.