Drivers Confused With New Brady District Parking Meters

Friday, September 4th 2015, 6:53 pm
By: News On 6

Ticketing has begun in the Brady Arts District downtown, where new parking meters were installed last week, but some say they’re mighty confused and don't understand the new system.

One man who was parked at Guthrie Green was so oblivious he thought his ticket was just an ad on his windshield and tossed it on the ground before driving off.

Ticket after ticket was written in the Brady Arts District Friday afternoon as drivers tried to figure out the new parking system.

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Volunteers planning for an event at the Guthrie Green said they never saw a sign indicating they had to pay.

Vanessa Sanders said, "Just pulled up, parked, walked to the pavilion and didn't realize," she said.

That's because, until now, the spots were free.

Sanders said, "Actually I have my keys in my hand ‘cause I was going to move my car while I was here once I realized."

They weren't the only ones who didn't notice the new meters. We watched as car after car received a little yellow slip - the fine, $30.

The new parking meters sit on corners all around the district, but right now visitors to the area aren't sure what to do.

They say it's not so much the money that's frustrating, but more the unfamiliar process.

"It should be more clearly marked, definitely, and Guthrie Green has been a free space for a long time and it kind of surprises me that they're changing," Sanders said.

"I think it's inevitable that, as the city grows, we would start paying for parking," Will Phipps said. "Clear signage would be helpful, for sure."

Right now, signs around the area just say "2hr parking" and then list the times and do not mention the meters.

Sanders said, "Typically, with a parking situation, there's something in each space that indicates that you need to pay to park and I didn't see that."

If you're headed down to the Brady Arts District anytime soon, the parking meters are located on corners all over the area.

It doesn't matter where you park, you just pull into a space then find any meter, put in your license plate number and pay.