Students Recall Frightening Tulsa Bus Ride

Thursday, September 3rd 2015, 11:15 pm
By: Emory Bryan

There are new details in a Tulsa school bus mishap that had parents surround the bus with their cars after the driver apparently got lost.

As students talk about what happened, the parents want answers from the school district about how the driver got so mixed up and what's in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

It was originally thought the driver was new, but we’ve learned that’s not the case. We also learned that after he was forced to stop the district let him continue driving to finish the route.

Monday, parents had to make a bus stop of their own and blocked the road by Adams Park so a Tulsa school bus driver couldn't go forward or backwards.

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Amy Miller was waiting when her son called from the bus.

“He said there are angry parents stopping the bus and the police are here,” she said.

Miller and the other Edison parents grew concerned after tracking cell phones and watching the bus take unexpected turns.

Cassidy Rowe got concerned, too, when the driver pulled onto the Interstate.

“He just kept driving, so people in the back started yelling ‘we're on the wrong bus,’ and he got mad at us and said we weren't behaving correctly," he said.

But Rowe said the kids weren't rowdy, as the district claims, just upset because they didn't know where the bus was going.

It was supposed to go to a neighborhood stop first, then to Grissom Elementary.

It took the parents an hour to track it down and get it stopped.

TPS parent Sallee Winton said, "It was ridiculous, and then there were two police officer cars, one in front and one behind, and they were talking to the driver. Why did they let him go and continue on the path to take the other kids home? That doesn't make sense."

Rowe said, “He said it was our fault, but he didn't know how to drive.”

The parents are upset their children are being blamed while they think it's clear something was up with the driver.

Miller said, "Something was amiss with him and it wasn't just that he didn't know the route, that doesn't make sense."

The district said the investigation is almost done and when it is, they'll have more to say.

Spokesman Chris Payne said there is video from the bus and GPS data but there was no drug test on the driver since there wasn't a collision.

A lot of parents are waiting for more of an explanation.