Disabled Tulsa Man 'Gets Freedom Back' Thanks To Bike Donation

Thursday, August 27th 2015, 6:50 pm
By: News On 6

Just more than a week ago, News On 6 interviewed a man whose motorized bicycle had been stolen.

The bike was his only means of transportation, and after our story aired, several viewers offered to help.

Thursday, one of those viewers delivered a new set of wheels to Stephen Ross.

"I went out about 9:00 in the morning and it was gone,” Ross said after his bike was stolen. "I was so sure I would get it back somehow."

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The bike was his transportation to get his groceries and medicine and just to get around.

Well, several viewers saw our report and offered to help. Turns out Mark Sislo had just what Stephen needed.

He had two motorbikes out in his garage; he replaced the brake pads on one, but otherwise tuned it up and brought it over for Stephen.

“Everything that goes wrong with these silly little motors, has gone wrong with this one, and been fixed," Mark said.

He said it's not pretty, but it runs well.

Mark showed Stephen how to work the new bike, "This is your clutch, this one doesn't have a twist grip like yours probably did. This is your throttle."

Stephen said he'll use it to go to the grocery store, the Walmart pharmacy and to just get around, because, without it, he's pretty much stuck in his apartment.

The replacement bike will give him some freedom back.

"I appreciate it very much, I really do," Stephen said.

Mark said, "I can't help everyone, but I could help him."