Ex-Tulsa Police Officer Wants Out Of Prison Early

Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 10:09 pm
By: News On 6

Former Tulsa Police officer Marvin Blades Junior, who was convicted of robbing Hispanic drivers during traffic stops, wants out of prison early.

He's been in prison for two years but has 33 more years to go in his 35-year sentence. 

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His family members, former Tulsa Police Officers, including his father, and a state senator all testified at the Tulsa County Courthouse on Wednesday, asking the judge to lighten his sentence.

Blades Junior said he needs to be there for his children and he takes responsibility for what he's done, but it wasn't enough to sway the judge. "We are very disappointed that nothing changed today," said State Senator and family friend Kevin Matthews.

The same family members who sat through his trial in 2013 were at Wednesday’s hearing.

He was originally convicted of five counts of robbery with a firearm and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

During the trial, four Hispanic witnesses testified, and a recording from an undercover Hispanic officer who was pulled over by Blades Junior was played.

They all claim Blades Junior stole money from their wallets when he pulled them over.

So far, he's served two years of his sentence with the hope the judge would modify it for his families sake. "It is a financial hardship and an emotional hardship on them," explained Matthews.

Blades Junior told the judge today, quote "I feel like I have learned my lesson and I can go back to society and be a productive citizen."

Matthews says it was a non-violent crime and he should be punished accordingly. “No gun was brandished, no one was threatened [and] no violence happened," he stated. "We've had people that have robbed banks with guns that didn't get this much time and so it's puzzling and troubling."

The Department of Corrections gave Blades a favorable recommendation which was presented to the judge.

It said he's had great conduct and suggested his sentence should be reduced to 20 years.

However, the judge said Blades Junior preyed on the most vulnerable of citizens and instilled fear in an entire community when he should have been a source of help.

Despite the ruling, his family says they won't stop working within the legal system to try to get him out sooner.