Tulsa AT&T Operator Helps Rescue Texas Woman After Wreck

Tuesday, August 4th 2015, 11:07 pm
By: News On 6

A woman at a Tulsa call center helped save an elderly woman's life after she got into an accident.

The Texas grandmother was missing and her granddaughter called AT&T, frantic to find her, when a woman at the company jumped into action.

Employees at the AT&T call center in Tulsa take calls all day, but one caller didn’t need help with her phone, she needed helping finding her grandmother, and fast.

When Rylee McDaris took the job two months ago, she never thought she'd help save a life.

McDaris took a call in June from a distraught woman looking for her grandmother.

Lynzee Mobley told McDaris her 75-year-old grandmother was driving from Brownwood, Texas to McAlester, but never made it.

"Without you, we probably would not have found her alive," Lynzee Mobley told McDaris.

Mobley thought AT&T might be able to tell her where her grandma's phone last pinged.

"She was so scared, and, you know, I just did what I, I told her what I would do if it was my grandma," McDaris said.

McDaris walked Mobley through the steps - Mobley called a law enforcement officer who requested information from the grandmother, Wanda Mobley's, phone.

Amazingly, officers were able to track her to Seymour, Texas, where she was found alive with a fractured lower back after crashing her car into a ravine out of view of traffic.

She survived on Sprite and oily water dripping from her car for almost two days.

"I could've just said, you know, you need to involve law enforcement, but I knew that she didn't really know what to say, so I just, I told her exactly what to say," McDaris said.

AT&T reunited Lynzee Mobley and McDaris over the phone.

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you did for us," Lynzee said.

Team Manager Aaron Webb said what McDaris did is inspiring.

"Your job is not just come in, take calls and go home. You can change someone's life. You can save a life," he said.

Save a life by listening and helping when you can.

McDaris said she was just doing her job.

Wanda Mobley's family members said she's now at home doing rehab to recover.