Top Dodgers Prospect Julio Urias Fights Eye Condition To Pursue MLB Dream

Wednesday, July 29th 2015, 11:14 pm
By: News On 6

Dodgers pitching prospect and Tulsa Driller Julio Urias possesses the ability of a phenom.

The left-handed pitcher, listed by many publications as one of the top left-handed pitching prospects in the minor leagues, was picked on during his day as a youth in Culiacan Mexico. Now as a grown up, he’s doing the picking.

"I always stood out,” said Urias. “I always was the best on the team and I thank God for the blessings. You gain respect on the field, not [by what] you look like."

While he is gaining acclaim, remarkably, his eyesight hasn't been clear due to a benign mass in his left eye. To him, it's nothing new.  

"It didn't really affect me since I was born like that. It was just normal for me," he explained.

During his stint in Tulsa, his performance was solid, but the Dodgers decided now to invest in the prospect's health.

In late May, Urias went through successful cosmetic surgery on his eye.

"Now they discovered that it's going to be easier for them to keep cleaning it out, so it's a step forward," he said.

This isn't the first time he has had an operation on his eye. He had three as a child for benign mass which created a droopy eyelid. But now that he's almost on the cusp of his major league goal, his focus in on the mound. 

"Since I was a little kid, I always used to play against older guys and I think that if the Dodgers think I'm able to play at this level, I won't think about it, I'll be ready," he stated.

Urias returned this past weekend. As of now, the plan is for doctors to check on his eye monthly and hopefully remove the mass from it completely. 

As for the fierce lefty, his plan hasn’t strayed. "Since I got this time off, I'm just trying to find my rhythm again. I'm making adjustments and as soon as I find myself again, I'll be closer," he explained.