City Of Tulsa Wants Your Ideas For Next 'Vision' Package

Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 12:56 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa's next vision package is being developed with some ideas that have been around for a while and brand new ones.

The new vision process has the city asking for ideas and thoughts on the ideas already suggested; so you don't have to make a pitch, you can just weigh in on what you're hearing.

When the Vision Tulsa task force asked for ideas, they didn't put limits on the ideas, just the time to present them - five minutes.

That's why the director of Gilcrease rushed through a massive project and why Michael Patton got the same time for his idea.

“And this idea would work, but it's as silly as you can be,” Patton said.

Gilcrease Museum wants to build a $125 million expansion and is asking for $75 million in Vision money.

It would dramatically change the city-owned museum into a major attraction and protect a collection that's among the most valuable in the country - but also hidden away in storage because the museum doesn't have room to display it.

Some vision ideas aren't even to the point of asking for money; Neal Mavis is back with a plan to bid for the Olympics, Tulsa Transit wants to add routes and extend the hours for buses and Lester Shaw needs $1 million to expand a community center in north Tulsa.

The whole process is to pull in all the ideas and have the public make some choices, according to Tulsa City Councilor Blake Ewing.

“We're trying to do civic engagement in a way that we haven't done before,” he said.

That's what brought Patton to the meeting with the idea to build more statues like the golden driller all over town.

"Think of a guitar player for woody Guthrie or Bob Wills, a mechanic for American Airlines, a fisherman by the river, a nurse near our hospitals," he explained.

At this point, there's no such thing as a bad idea, and there are plenty of opportunities to put in ideas and look over ideas already submitted.

The city has a website for it and a simple questionnaire to gauge your priorities even if you're not pitching a project.

Submit your ideas here.

You can also find a schedule for town hall meetings. 

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