Arkansas River Rafters Back On The Water After Tulsa Rescue

Monday, July 20th 2015, 1:36 pm
By: Dee Duren

Three Colorado river rafters pushed off from Tulsa to resume their float of the Arkansas River. Jordan Miller, Donny Knowles and Susana Sierra ran into trouble with a low-water dam in Tulsa earlier this month.

The trio had already covered 350 miles of river with hardly a problem, but they had to be rescued from swift water just below Zink dam. 

Their 18-foot inflatable raft took on water, and the frame was breaking apart as fishermen and RiverParks employees helped pull them to safety.

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Now, their inflatable raft has been reinforced and patched, so they are back on the way to the Mississippi River.

"Tulsa's been great, but we're ready to be back on the water," Jordan Miller said. They have 400 to 450 miles to go and estimate the journey will take around a month to a month and a half, weather permitting.

Miller said there are no other low-water dams in their future.

"Portage," he advised any future rafters coming through Tulsa. "Go around it."

The trouble in Tulsa hasn't dimmed Miller's enthusiasm. He hopes to make another journey next year but said he'll try a kayak next time.