Mystery Of Downtown Tulsa's Cow Skull Stays A Mystery

Friday, July 17th 2015, 2:13 pm
By: Richard Clark

You see a lot of surprising things if you do much walking in downtown Tulsa. 

For instance, on Thursday, we saw a dozen construction workers rolling a 12-foot-tall, 7-foot-wide wooden tank into a building just down the street from News On 6. The Monday after the 2015 Tulsa Tough bicycle races, we noticed two large handmade signs near Cain's Ballroom that poked fun at a certain man's music and grooming choices.

But we spotted something several months ago that deserves its own category of strangeness. 

It's not just what it is, it's where it is. It's a cow skull sitting on a window-unit air conditioner at a City of Tulsa building. 

"Ages." That's how long a City of Tulsa spokesperson told us it's been there. She could find no more details about it, or at least none that she would share with us.

We first spotted the skull last winter while strolling over the Boulder Avenue bridge. It was still there when we checked on Friday.

The AC unit is on the back of the Facilities Maintenance building at Archer and Boulder. A check of city records shows the building was constructed in 1967 as Fire Station #2, but they don't say when it was converted to a maintenance facility. It's unlikely the small air conditioner was part of the original construction, but that doesn't help narrow the time frame much for how long the skull has been sitting there. 

No one knows when it was put there, so no one knows why, either. That's why the mystery will continue.