Tulsa Police Arrested Man Accused Of Stealing Furniture From Elderly

Tuesday, July 14th 2015, 11:36 pm
By: News On 6

Police arrested a man accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture from a nursing home and hospice.

Burglary detectives said Gary Nulliner didn’t hide the stolen furniture very well. They said he had some of the stolen chairs on his front patio and the rest of in on the back porch.

Nulliner had nothing to say about the crimes he's accused of committing as Tulsa Police escorted him to be booked into jail.

Tuesday, police showed up at Nulliner’s house and found a patio rocker - which belonged to Clarehouse, a hospice facility - outside on his front porch.

“Just a mile and a half away from here, it was someone who lives in our neighborhood that emptied out our chapel and stole our stuff," said Executive Director of Clarehouse, Kelley Scott.

Police called Scott to Nulliner’s house and pick up the stolen furniture.

The rockers and large white patio couch are now back where it belongs, inside the chapel. It is an oasis on the Clarehouse property, where families and those who are at the end of their life can retreat during a difficult time.

"People go out there and cry, pray, relax, laugh, visit with family, reminisce," Scott said.

Police said Nulliner robbed families of that for most of the month.

Surveillance pictures appear to show Nulliner and two others take the chairs, pillows and couch.

Officers said Nulliner’s truck was the key to solving the case. A detective recognized it from another case and knew it belonged to him.

"The people are there for their end of life care and to steal from them is despicable, it really, really, is," said Tulsa Police Corporal, Larry Mark.

"There was a complete disregard for decency for people's property, and respect at all for the organizations,” Scott said.

Nulliner’s also accused of stealing from a nursing home right next door to Clarehouse; all of their patio furniture was also found at his home Tuesday.

He does have a history of burglary and this isn't the first time he's behind bars for it.

Detectives said they believe they know the identity of the other two, but they are juveniles.

Investigators said they talked to their mother but she doesn’t want them to be questioned, so police will have to go through the district attorney’s office for those individuals to be further investigated.