Alan Crone's Weather Blog: Heat Advisories This Week

Monday, July 13th 2015, 3:59 am
By: Alan Crone

Good morning!   Hot conditions will remain for the week.

A mid-level ridge of high pressure will dominate most of the state for the next week.   This will keep the temperatures into the mid and upper 90s for daytime highs with morning lows in the mid-70s.  A few readings of 100 will be possible today near or west of the area.  High dew point temperatures and consequently humidity values during the mid-day and afternoon periods will promote temperature heat index values from 105 to 110.   Heat advisories are required for the region for the next few days.   Remain aware of the temperature and humidity trends this week.    Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.   Wear lightly fitted and light colored clothing.   Check on pets and elderly residents and make sure they have plenty of cooling opportunities.   Outdoor worker management teams should make plans to insure the safety and well-being of workers that must remain outside during the heat of the day. 

Tuesday into Wednesday most data support the ridge weakening slightly and possibly shifting to the southwest, but only by a small margin.   This should allow a surface front and boundary across Kansas to slide southward near the Oklahoma state line with a few scattered showers or storms.   Almost all of these will remain north of the state, but an outside chance will remain for a few to migrate southward.  Temperatures in the mid-levels of the atmosphere are also expected to remain very warm, and more than likely would “cap” any significant vertical development.   We’ll only keep a small mention for our friends and neighbors along the state line during this time for a few isolated storms.

Weather Alerts

This pattern appears locked into the state for the next week.   We’re seeing signals in the data for a possible shift in the ridge next week that would allow more of a southern penetration of a boundary.   But until then the chances for any showers or storms will remain near or less than 10% and mainly on the peripheral of the mid-level ridge.

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Have a good day.

Alan Crone