Tulsans Cool Off As Summer Heat Begins To Hit

Saturday, July 11th 2015, 10:25 pm
By: News On 6

If you've taken a step outside, you may have noticed the heat. And more consistent and even hotter days are on the way.

Even with the heat, the temperature is low enough where people can appreciate that things could be even hotter.

When the sun is out, the shade is nice, but for some, there's no better way to cool down then taking the plunge.

“Things could be a lot worse because it could be a lot more dry and the burns can be a lot worse,” Cory McCool said. “...but when you get in the water it definitely cools things off."

Dozens used the Chandler Park pool as a cooling center on Saturday. When you're out playing, the thought of dehydration can get away from you. That's where lifeguards like Claudia Lahmeyer come in.

“A lot of these  folks are out here all day, and you just have to make sure the signs of dehydration,” Lahmeyer said. “You know, if someone falls asleep and starts getting burned, you have to go wake them up."

A heat advisory hasn't been issued yet, but EMSA responded to three heat-related calls on Saturday. Field paramedic Nick Coffman said drinking water all day is paramount to staying hydrated.

The threat of dehydration shouldn't be taken lightly. Even at night, there's a threat of heat exhaustion.

“You think or picture someone who spent the entire day outside working or playing or whatever it may be, then they don't necessary feel it those symptoms may catch up to them at the end of the day,” Coffman said.

The signs of dehydration -- weakness, dizziness, nausea, headaches and fainting -- can be spotted easily when you know what to look for.

“The absence of sweating, that's always that's always a big deal when your body has ceased to sweat like a day like today or something,” Coffman said. “You absolutely should be sweating if you're not that's a big problem."

Although it was hot outside and muggy and the official heat advisory doesn't go into effect until Sunday. If you're planning on going out, try to do in the evening hours or make sure you are hydrated throughout the day.