OSBI Investigate After GRDA Police Shoot Man Who Reportedly Ran After Traffic Stop

Friday, July 10th 2015, 6:33 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into a police shooting at Grand Lake.

It happened on Thursday, after a man ran off from a traffic stop, and briefly held a gun to his head.

Mayes County deputies made the traffic stop, but it was GRDA officers who fired shots and hit a suspect they say was armed with two handguns.

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The traffic stop was on Oklahoma 28, the road that goes over Pensacola Dam and over the two spillways near Disney State Park.

Deputies called for backup after reporting the passenger in the car jumped out with a gun and ran off into the woods.

He was on a steep slope -- just above the rushing water from the east spillway -- in complete darkness.

"Kind of a steep area there, where the spillway is, and of course we have the floodgates open now, and it's kind of dangerous place to be at the lake," GRDA spokesperson Justin Alberty said.

GRDA closed down one of the floodgates as a precaution, but after a brief manhunt, officers with GRDA police found him.

They say he was armed with two handguns, and pointed them at the officers but didn't fire.

The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Mitchell Rocky Allen.

The two officer fired shots, hitting Allen, who was taken to Tulsa in critical condition.

"That's when you hope the guys, your officers training kicks in; obviously we want them to protect themselves,” Alberty said.

GRDA has asked the OSBI was asked to investigate the circumstances of the shooting, and what happened in the traffic stop that started the confrontation.

The results of the OSBI investigation will go to the Mayes County District Attorney, who will decide if the police shooting was justified.