$45 Million Highway 169 Bridge Project Begins Monday

Sunday, July 5th 2015, 11:10 pm
By: News On 6

There is no equipment or crews out yet, but all along US 169 from 56th North to 66th North, attached to the speed limit signs are reminders that fines are double when road crews are around.

 The sound of passing cars along US 169 in Owasso is a constant, often accompanied with the bang of cars hitting damaged spots in the road.

"It's in pretty bad shape, going north and south. It doesn't seem to hold up traffic really but it is in really bad shape," driver Josh Ascol said.

If all goes as planned, the torn up places will be made new as ODOT crews span out to begin a major road expansion and construction project.

"I'm very excited they are taking the initiative," driver Robert Ramirez said.

The $45 million dollar project will cover about a miles worth of road, starting at 56th Street to 66th Street.

ODOT says under the project crews will expand the current four way roads to six, and replace eight bridges along the corridor: two 56th Street North, two bridges over Bird Creek.

Two over the bird creek over flow and two over the north bird creek overflow.

“This definitely, for Owasso's side, this is gonna be a huge step and probably should be one of the priority ones,” Ramirez said.

He says the potholes and overall damage is a problem.

Ramirez said with a lot of the work planned to be done at night, it can get dark out there, and hopes extra lights are added to keep drivers’ and workers’ safe.

"Safety concerns pray for everybody out there and that everybody is taken care of and with get this up and running as quick as possible," Ramirez said.

ODOT said the majority of the work is scheduled to be done in the overnight hours during the week and on weekends to have a minimum impact on traffic. The project is estimated to be completed by the spring of 2017.