News On 6 Captures Water Rescue In South Muskogee

Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 11:19 pm
By: News On 6

Rain fell across much of Green Country Thursday and caused some chaos throughout the night with several areas reporting flooding and tree damage.

In Muskogee, one driver had to be towed out of rising water after his truck stalled.

News On 6 storm track, Darren Stephens was in the area and captured the heroic rescue.

Stephens said a driver was stuck in water in south Muskogee near South Gullick Street where it crosses Coody Creek.

He said the driver attempted to go through the water but his truck went off the side and the passenger side wheels got stuck in the dirt.

That’s when Stephens said another driver went in to help.

“An individual came around me a while ago and didn’t know that there was somebody in the vehicle,” Stephens said. “I informed him that the fire department was on the way, but he said ‘I’m not gonna wait, the water’s getting higher.’”

Video shows the driver drove into the water, hooked a chain to the stalled vehicle and towed him out.

Stephens said the stuck driver was sitting there for almost 45 minutes and said when he first got stuck the water was at his front bumper but rose halfway up on his headlight.

Muskogee wasn’t the only area feeling the effects of the rain. Here in Tulsa, the Admiral Twin Drive-in was forced to close.

They made an announcement on their Facebook page saying it rained enough to temporarily flood the parking lot and they discovered a leak over one of their projectors.

They hope to reopen by the weekend.

According to Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer, the rain remains in the forecast for much of the weekend with chances between 40 and 60 percent between Friday through Sunday and lower chances into next week.