Missing Kinkajou Returns To Rogers County Rescue Ranch

Tuesday, June 30th 2015, 11:57 pm
By: News On 6

The owners of a Rogers County wild animal rescue got a breath of fresh air after being heartbroken just hours earlier.

Owners of the Wild Heart Ranch said they believe someone broke into the ranch and took several animals, including one that has been there for ten years, but late Tuesday night, Kiki the kinkajou returned home.

It's a sanctuary for all types of wild animals, but Tuesday morning, Wild Heart Ranch owner Annette King, said someone broke into the property through the locked fence.

“It is not an easy thing to do, even when you do it on purpose,” she said.

She believes once they got through the gate, they headed straight for the cages.

“No way an animal could take this off, and it was laying on this table, which my crew and I never do,” King said.

She said either someone stole Kiki by grabbing her and putting her into a crate or she got away from the thief; but not after a fight, King pointed out a blood trail leading to where the baby ducks, also missing, were housed.

“I'm hoping the blood was from the thief, that would satisfy me that Kiki go him,” King said.

But King got a pleasant surprise when late Tuesday night, Kiki returned.

She said one of the workers was feeding the animals and saw her run across the patio. She said they were able to get a net and put her back in the cage.

“She's wet, which we don't know why. We've checked her for injuries. She's glad to be home. She's not too upset with us for netting her,” King said on a video posted to the Wild Heart Ranch Facebook page.

King said they are going to put a padlock on Kiki's cage for extra safety, but said she's sure whoever tried to mess with her isn't dumb enough to try it again.

Kiki is said to be like a child to people at Wild Heart Ranch.

“She's therapeutic for some people. Some of our crew suffers from debilitating conditions and having her here helps them function,” King said.

There are security cameras at the ranch, and police are looking at the footage.