Construction Forces Changes To Tulsa Freedom Fest Fireworks Show

Monday, June 29th 2015, 6:27 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Changes are coming to the big 4th of July fireworks show in Tulsa. The Folds of Honor Freedom Fest will be different this year because of construction.

Construction on the roads, in the parks and along the river trails could make it challenging to get there.

Riverwest Festival Park on the west bank is usually a great spot to see the fireworks, but this year it's closed off because of construction, and so is the trail along the river. That's going to make it a little harder to drive in, then walk to a good spot over here - so for this year - Riverparks is urging people to go to the other side - and find parking downtown to get in for the entertainment and the fireworks.

This 4th of July, there will be more than a few barriers on the way to see the fireworks of Freedom Fest. A combination of closed roads, blocked off trails and construction barrels make it more important than ever to plan ahead to get a good spot.

The main difference is that the Riverwest Festival Park - and the trail section that runs alongside it - will be closed off.

Freedom Fest Parking Map

All of what's usually on the west bank will instead be at Veteran's Park on the east side of the river. That's where you'll find the Stars and Stripes Pavilion and inflatables, according to Tonja Carrigg, RiverParks.

"We have always had entertainment and activities here including the bicycle parade, but now we're ramping up what's happening here and only here because of the construction at the festival park," Carrigg said.

The fireworks will still be staged from the 21st Street bridge, but with the parking and viewing changes in mind - RiverParks added some height to the show - buying larger fireworks that explode at about 800', 100' higher than usual.

"We are focusing on getting the whole show as high than possible so you'll see more of our display this year and so you'll be able to see it farther away," said Tonja Carrigg with RiverParks.

RiverParks has a map showing all the roads that will close - and which parking lots are available - mainly on the south end of downtown and at OSU-Tulsa.

On the east side - the trail is closed because of construction on the Gathering Place, but people can still walk through there because Riverside will be closed off to cars after 5 p.m. The challenge will be finding a place to park with the crowd of 80,000 expected - and getting in place for a good view of the fireworks.

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