Tulsa Burglary Victims Hope Someone Recognizes Suspect

Wednesday, June 24th 2015, 7:42 pm
By: News On 6

Guns, purses and computers were all taken from cars parked in south Tulsa driveways and garages.

One neighbor caught a burglar on tape during the string of break-ins and hopes someone recognizes him.

In all the cases, someone either left a car or house door unlocked.

Police said it's easy to get distracted or think it won't happen in your neighborhood, but they urge everyone to lock car doors, take in valuables and lock their house because criminals work everywhere.

Surveillance video shows a man open a parked car door in a driveway near 111th and South Mingo and start searching for something to steal.

He finds a gun and quickly decides to take it without realizing the homeowner's surveillance cameras were recording every move.

The owner's wife, Amy, couldn't believe her eyes.

"It really ticked me off. I don't care about material stuff, that's all replaceable, but my children are here. He handles the gun like nothing else; it could've discharged a bullet. My kids are here," she said.

Knowing her children were asleep beds just yards away has her running through all the what-if scenarios that could've happened had the gun gone off, or the man decided to use it to break into their home.

"It's scary, it scares me and that makes me mad," she said.

After her husband posted the video, a neighbor said they'd left a side garage door unlocked and someone took his gun out of his car but missed the one in his wife's car.

Another said she'd left a side door open and she'd left her purse in her car in the garage and someone took her money.

A third neighbor said someone stole a computer, expensive basketball shoes and sunglasses out of an unlocked car in their driveway.

It got more serious when a weapon was taken.

"We've armed this man now, that is our fault, totally, but that scares me," Amy said.

Now neighbors hope someone recognizes the burglar, and they have a renewed sense of vigilance and safety.

Amy said, "We aren't safe in any situation, we have to create that."

If you have to leave your gun in your vehicle, police urge you to put it in a lockbox under the seat that chains to the car seat so criminals can't get it.

If you recognize the man in the video, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.