Two Men Try To Rob Tulsa Taco Bell Via Drive-Through Window

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, 7:59 am
By: Richard Clark

Two men tried to rob an east Tulsa Taco Bell by climbing through the drive-through window.

It happened around midnight at the Taco Bell near 21st and Garnett.

According to police, the two men went through the drive-through as though they were regular customers, but when they pulled up to the pickup window they had covered their faces and the driver told the worker to empty the register.

The worker thought it was a joke and refused, but the driver then tried to crawl through the window.

The clerk punched him and pulled off his face covering.

She grabbed the phone and called 911 as she and the other employee went to the back of the store.

The driver crawled back into the car and the two men left. Police don't have much of a description of the men and say the car was a maroon 4-door with tinted windows.