Owasso Residents Protecting Property As Floodwaters Rise

Thursday, June 18th 2015, 11:10 pm
By: News On 6

Many people prepared for Wednesday night and Thursday morning's storm by surrounding their homes with sandbags.

The good news is that the water started receding Thursday evening, but it's still lingering dangerously close to homes.

Lee Morgans has lived in his home all his life and is defending his home from Tropical Depression Bill with sandbags - or as he calls them, flood insurance – from the rushing water on his property - his creek.

"I have to sandbag it just in case," Morgans laughed.

Two creeks surround, and overflow, Morgans' Owasso neighborhood near 96th and 161st.

That same water washed out a Rogers County road and shut down a street near 86th and 150th, but the water isn't reaching homes.

"It's pretty low compared to what it has been," said Owasso resident, Joseph Makinson.

He said the water was higher Memorial Day Weekend, but by looking at his lake of a backyard, you can't imagine it being much higher.

"Yeah, with the heavy downpours, yeah, it gets pretty deep about here," he said.

People in Owasso, like Brittney Makinson, are taking their precautions and have their own concerns.

"Well, I got mad because we just got a pool and it started raining, so we never got to swim in it," she said.

While Brittney wants to go swimming, Morgans doesn't, especially not in his own yard.

Allison: "Are you ready for the rain to stop?"
Morgans: "Anytime."

Most people said they haven't seen flooding like this in 15 years.