One-On-One With GOP Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz

Monday, June 15th 2015, 8:50 am
By: News On 6

The 2016 Presidential race has become crowded, but one hopeful wanted to stand out with Oklahomans. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was in OKC this weekend.

News9 reporter Justin Dougherty sat down with the Senator one-on-one.

We began with one of the most recent developments in the fight against ISIS. That president Obama would support the idea of sending more U-S troops to Iraq to establish more bases.

Do you feel that's the best option at this point? If not what is?

This is another sign President Obama does not have a strategy to stop radical Islamic Terrorists. We need a president who stands up and says we will destroy ISIS. We are going to do everything it takes. We need to use over whelming air power.

We need to be arming the Kurds. The Kurds are on the ground. They are incredible fighters. They are allies of America. They are boots on the ground.

ISIS has US Military weapons they've seized from Iraq. The Kurds weaponry is out classed and Obama refused to fund the Kurds to let them kill ISIS leaders.

Are you open to a full deployment back in Iraq?

The military advice I'm getting right now is what we should be employing is overwhelming air strikes. Right now the problem is we are seeing photo-op foreign policy. We drop a missile here, we drop a bomb here.

One thing history tells us that will the bullies of the world, appeasement doesn't work. We saw that this week with the cyber-attack that many believe China is behind.

How will you stand up to China? If we learn this cyber-attack is the Chinese government?

We need to respond with strength and clear consequences. What we see in every region of the world is that there are no constraints on the actions of bad actors.

Both Rick Perry and Scott Walker say a Governor will make the best candidate because of their executive experience. What's your response to statements like that?

Barack Obama is not a terrible president cause he was a senator... it's cause he's a radical ideologue & unmitigated socialist who has dramatically weakened America's role in the world.

What we need is a new leading who has a record of standing for principle, standing for conservative principle and standing for the constitution.

Sen. Cruz was in town to speak at a luncheon for the Oklahoma GOP.