Feds Seek Property Owned By Camelot Cancer Care Owner

Tuesday, June 9th 2015, 10:02 pm
By: Richard Clark

Federal prosecutors in Tulsa have filed paperwork to seize property owned by a woman accused of running a bogus cancer clinic.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Tulsa filed a civil forfeiture on Monday, June 8, 2015 for property connected to Maureen Long, the woman who owned Camelot Cancer Care.

The Food and Drug Administration shut down Camelot Cancer Care in the spring of 2013, accusing Long of using drugs to treat cancer patients that were not FDA approved.

A federal complaint against the clinic and Long said the drug she used to treat patients was DMSO, demethyl sulfoxide, which is commonly used as an industrial solvent and is a by-product of making paper.

The forfeiture filed on Monday lists two homes and a lot, as well as money the government seized early in the investigation from Long's bank accounts.

One of the homes is located at 7208 East 65th Place, the other is at 10716 South 66th East Avenue. The lot is located at 10711 South Sheridan Road. The forfeiture also seeks furnishings, antiques and personal property located in the home on South 66th Avenue.

Prosecutors also listed cash seized from Long back in 2013 when the investigation began, totaling $125,171.02.

In December, Long agreed to stop fighting a restraining order the Oklahoma State Department of Health won against her.

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In March, the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner ruled that the "unorthodox" treatment a patient had received had contributed to her death last year.

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The ME said Karin Kloeckner died of septic shock and kidney failure brought on by liver cancer which was exacerbated by DMSO treatment.

Her husband, Dennis, said his wife had problems with her liver, which is why she sought treatment at Camelot. The Florida couple said they came to Tulsa and received treatment in hotel rooms. 

According to the Medical Examiner's report, the damage to Karin's liver was increased due to the use of DMSO. 

On her web site, Long says Camelot Cancer Care is being persecuted by the FDA. Long has moved Camelot Cancer Care to Mexico:

You are invited to come to where recovery from cancer may well await... where the patient's right to freedom in medical treatment choices is respected by the Mexican federal government... where enlightened medical mavericks are free to practice in peace, and where patients will find a haven of healing. Coconut water is abundant. And yes, it's alkaline. (Smile.)