Owasso Family Gets 'Flocked' By Tulsa Vette Set

Saturday, June 6th 2015, 5:13 pm
By: Dee Duren

An Owasso family got "flocked" this weekend. Mike and Terri Lahita said members of The Tulsa Vette Set car club set out about 50 pink flamingos in their front yard.

"I've raised four children here, and I've never gotten egged or toilet papers - never," Terri said Saturday. "But now I've ended up with a flock of flamingos in my yard."

The invasion of pink birds was all for a good cause: a way to raise money for the Little Lighthouse School in Tulsa.

Club members take out insurance in the form of donations to the school for kids with special needs. The insurance is supposed to keep your yard free of pink birds, but it didn't quite work out that way for the Lahitas.

Her husband Mike said they purchased the insurance, but another club member must have chipped in to override it. Perhaps because the couple is hosting part of a progressive dinner for the Vette Set Saturday night. They expect around 110 guests - and 70 to 80 Corvettes - to come by in shifts for entrees.

The Lahitas have been part of the sports car club for about a year, and they say it's a lot of fun.

"We have between three and four hundred members right now," Terri said. "Our main priority is camaraderie and enjoyment of Corvettes, but right behind that is the Little Lighthouse.

"We help the school whenever we can."

The Owasso family has three Vettes: 1992, 2005 and 2007 models.

"It's an addiction, I swear," Terri said.

Other club members around the Tulsa area have been "flocked," but Terri said she thinks they got extra attention with the large number of pink plastic birds taking up residence in the yard.

What happens to the birds?

"You can't get rid of them," she said. "They stay here until they migrate someplace else - until they get up and leave. Unless somebody pays to have you flocked again."

She has a new worry. A club member called the house to say they can expect a visit from some larger flamingos at the party. Terri isn't sure exactly what that means, but she's prepared for something big.

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