Downtown Loft Development Considered 'Phase 3' For Brady

Monday, June 1st 2015, 11:21 pm
By: News On 6

A downtown development concept that's been talked about by two local couples for years now is moving forward.

What's an empty plot of land now will soon become 20 condos for purchase called the Davenport Lofts. Some are calling it the beginning for Phase 3 of Brady development.

The developers are feeling the shift from Suburban to Urban living and getting in on the ground floor.

Many developers see it as the next area to be revitalized in the Brady, but for Lori Schram and her business partners, it's a vision turned reality, and it is all showcased in their new office in the heart of the Brady District.

"As Main moves up towards Cain's Ballroom, and Cain's isn't going anywhere, this made sense for us,” she said.

The empty lot will soon house Davenport Lofts - more than 20 units with dens or offices, patios, secured parking and rooftop gathering spaces.

But they aren't going to be rental units. Instead, their target customer is people just like Schram and her husband, who want to own property downtown.

"There are a lot of people like us that say, 'Gosh we really want to re-engage and having a big house is not necessary,'" she said.

Consultant Marvin Shirley has been heavily involved in the Brady Revitalization over the last 10 years.

“Just to see our first for sale product, that is an evolution," he said.

But some might question a location next to music venues and surrounded by so many empty lots.

“There are a lot of plans for these open properties that currently exists,” Shirley said. “Nothing that can be revealed at this point in time."

While we wait for those details to develop, the Davenport is all about hearing from potential buyers about exactly what they are looking for before even breaking ground.

"Instead of building it and hoping they come, we are asking people and going to customize and hopefully we will have exactly the mix of people and what they want," Schram said.

The units will start around $450,000 - that is in the middle of the other two more recent to buy properties, like Urban 8 and 100 Boulder.

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If all goes as planned construction on the Davenport is set to begin in 2016.