Health Department Ramps Up Mosquito Control Efforts

Monday, May 11th 2015, 7:27 am
By: News On 6

Rain, rain and more rain means most of northeast Oklahoma is having a wet spring.  While the rain is great for drought conditions, it is creating a perfect environment for mosquitoes. 

The Tulsa County Health Department is gearing up and takes mosquito season seriously.

"The surveillance will begin next week, we're going to set the traps next week and then the week after that, the week before memorial day is when we'll have our first collections, first rounds of sorting and testing," Scott Meador with the Tulsa County Health Department. 

The health department is testing for diseases like West Nile. They have set up 50 traps across Tulsa County then wait, picking up the traps a week later. 

The good news? 

"Strangely enough the mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus proliferate and do well in years where it's hot and dry, they like the dirty nasty water that's been sitting around for months and weeks at a time," said Scott Meador. 

The bad news? Other types of mosquitoes thrive in wet weather conditions. 

"There are other species of mosquitoes that are high in numbers and voracious biters," said Scott Meador. 

So while the risk for breeding virus-carrying pests may be lower, the so called "biters" will soon be out in full force. 

The Tulsa County Health Department's solution, dump out, drain and dry up any standing water and clean up wet leaf litter. 

"If you don't have water, mosquitoes can't breed and reproduce," said Scott Meador. 

The Tulsa County Health Department says they typically see mosquitoes that carry West Nile during mid to late summer.

Tulsa County Health Department - Mosquito Information