Undersheriff Resigns; Says People Can Trust Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

Monday, April 27th 2015, 7:22 pm
By: News On 6

A leadership change was made Monday as Tulsa County Undersheriff, Tim Albin, resigned.

Sheriff Stanley Glanz said because of the shooting death of suspect Eric Harris at the hands of Reserve Deputy Bob Bates, and on-going questions about Bates' training, he decided to make the change.

The sheriff praised Albin for his contributions and said he'll make more changes in the days ahead.

Glanz said after looking at what put Harris and Bates on a fatal collision course, he looked at what his office could've done differently and better, and decided the undersheriff had to go.

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"I'd come to the conclusion that, due to recent events, I'd lost some of my effectiveness in my leadership role and that maybe someone else would be better to lead the agency through these stormy waters," Albin said.

Albin spent 27 years at the sheriff's office, rose through the ranks and was sworn in as undersheriff in 2012.

He said he has nothing but high praise for all the employees and the sheriff himself.

Lori: "Can people in Tulsa County have faith in the sheriff's office?"
Albin: "Absolutely. As I leave out of here, the leadership here is good, strong, solid, honest, ethical guys."

A 2009 internal affairs report from the sheriff's office says deputies complained about Bates' lack of training. The report says Albin dismissed the concerns and created an atmosphere of protection for Bates.

“That's six years ago. A lot has changed in six years. For God's sake, Bruce Jenner is a woman now. A lot has changed in six years; a lot has changed at this office," said Albin.

Lori: "Do you have any regrets about this Bob Bates situation over the years?"
Albin: "Are there decisions I wish I would've made differently? Sure, but not really. I always tried to do things for the greater good, tried to do things to advance this office and help the employees."

Albin said he believes after the sheriff's office reviews all its policies, programs and the shooting itself, the agency will make changes and come out stronger and better than ever before.

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He does believe it is unfortunate people judge an agency on one bad incident instead of years of good work they've accomplished.

Albin also said he has been disappointed in some of the Internet and national media reports.

"One of the things that caught me short sided was being transparent with the media is like feeding a wild dog, you can't feed it fast enough, you can't feed it enough and sooner or later, you're gonna get bit," he said.

Albin's last day at the office is May 1.

Albin said he doesn't know what he's going to do next, other than to buy a pickup truck and play with his grandbabies; beyond that he's waiting to see what God has in store for him.

The attorneys for Harris's family released a statement Monday afternoon saying:

“Albin's resignation is an important step in the necessary change of leadership at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, however Sheriff Glanz and Tom Huckeby must also resign.”

They said Glanz should not be permitted to use Albin as a scapegoat.

The statement also calls on County Commissioners to remove Glanz from office if he doesn't resign willingly.