Tulsa Family Awaits Word From Son In Nepal After Deadly Earthquake

Sunday, April 26th 2015, 7:31 pm
By: News On 6

The death toll has reached more than 2,500 after a massive earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday.

People still are being pulled from the rubble. The devastation is impacting one Tulsa family directly.

The Thibeault family says their son Chris recently moved to Nepal for an extended stay to volunteer. They say they can't stop watching the constant coverage, but it's still hard to watch because they can't get in touch with their son to see if he survived.

Pete and Beverly said about four hours before the earthquake struck Saturday, they spoke to their son Chris via Skype. He had just made it into town after spending several days on a hike in the mountains. Again four minutes before the earthquake, Chris emailed them. Since then, the family said they've gotten nothing but terrifying silence.

They are hoping Chris made it back to the outskirts of town before the quake it.

Getting in touch with people in Nepal is a problem for many because of the extensive damage. The family says they've registered with the justice department and several other search agencies hoping to get any word on Chris' whereabouts.

“Not knowing is the worst; I need to know," Beverly Thibeault said. "I have faith and trust just to know to confirmation that would be awesome. Walk by faith not by sight of hearing at this point.”

The family says even after waiting more than 40 hours, they are holding out hope that Chris is all right.