Soaking Rainfall To Kick Off Work Week

Sunday, April 26th 2015, 5:55 pm
By: News On 6

It's not always timed out so nicely, but we managed to have nearly a picture-perfect weekend, weather-wise.

However, clouds, rain and even a few storms are looming as a powerful and slow-moving upper-level low pressure system is bringing back the unsettled weather.  We will likely miss the bulk of the severe weather threat as it passes once again along and south of the Red River, but we will be treated to beneficial rains, especially out west.

Here's the breakdown: The first wave of rain and storms is affecting western and southern Oklahoma on this Sunday evening. Those are the spots that may still see some severe storms before the night is over. The rain will continue to expand northward and eastward overnight into Monday morning, likely reaching Tulsa prior to dawn.  It will be a close call as the main energy spins most of the heavy showers just west of the viewing area.  Parts of central and western Oklahoma actually face a flooding threat heading into Monday as heavy rains train over the same locations thanks to the slow movement of the storm system. Waves of rainfall expand over the rest of Green Country during the day Monday, but lose some of their potency in its eastward progression away from the upper-level energy.  The potential rainfall amounts through midweek are posted above.

The low will gradually get absorbed into the greater flow of the jet stream, losing some of its energy. That's why as the low passes overhead Monday night into early Tuesday, we don't anticipate as many flooding concerns. Still, a few places may end up with a few inches of water in our rain gauges by the time the rain clears from northwest to southeast on Tuesday.

The rain and blustery northeast wind will bring our temperatures well below normal for late April. Needless to say, Monday and part of Tuesday won't be “pleasant” outdoor weather. However, we make up for it the rest of the week as a quiet pattern sets up. The jet stream sets a ridge up to our west, blocking any other storm system from reaching our area until early next week. That means we'll dry out and see a very gradual warm-up.

I'll call this upcoming week typical spring weather in Oklahoma minus the negative aspects of it (i.e. severe weather).  It'll be a nice break and a time to catch up on that yard work.  Until then, keep the rain gear and warm clothing on hand.

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