Crews Begin Special Storm Debris Pickup For West Tulsa Residents

Saturday, April 25th 2015, 8:49 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa crews were up early Sunday morning picking up storm debris from last month's tornado.

The pickup was free and storm victims just had to bring trees and branches to the curb.

A lot of West Tulsa residents are getting some relief from the crews working overtime to pick up the debris.

"This helps a whole lot, just to have it out of the way," storm victim Jessica Holladay said.

Street by street, debris piles are being hauled off.

The Tulsa trash board approved the special pickup for the neighborhood.

See Map Of Tulsa Debris Pickup Boundaries

Residents trying to get rid of their debris complained when the city only offered bulky waste pick up and green waste drop off after the storm.

Holladay had family come from all across the state to help her clean up.

“To know there was going to be no help besides chainsaws and bonfires... It's unreal to know they're coming in with the big trucks and the cranes to help," Holladay said.

The debris was piling up.

Sheryl Keller, Storm Victim,"This stuff has been out here since the Saturday after the tornado hit... quite nerve-racking," Sheryl Keller said.

When we spoke with Holladay you could hear the city trucks about a block down.

“It's in sight that there's going to be a brighter day," she said.

For $360,000, 60 city workers and trucks came out to clean up between Edison and the Arkansas River. They won't go home until it's all picked up.

"I'm very excited for them to hurry up and get here and get it gone," Keller said.

The city says residents who already paid for bulky waste pickup for storm damage debris in West Tulsa will be reimbursed.