TCSO, Harris Family Attorney Address Policies, 'False Records'

Monday, April 20th 2015, 11:45 pm
By: News On 6

An FBI investigation cleared the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office of any civil rights violations in the shooting death of Eric Harris.

Sheriff Stanley Glanz spoke for the first time Monday, since reports broke that Bates' training records were reportedly faked.

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The two deputies seen in the video holding Harris down have been reassigned, and the violent crimes task force is suspended.

That hasn't slowed the Harris family's attorney from continuing to condemn the sheriff's office for allowing Bates to serve as part of that task force.

In an emotional outcry, Glanz said he will not resign.

"I have priorities in my life, God, number two, family and then, being sheriff," he said.

At a media briefing Monday, Glanz apologized to Eric Harris's family.

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"We are sorry Eric was taken from you," he said.

He said he's reassigned deputies Joseph Byars and Michael Huckeby because they've received threats.

Glanz admitted he and Bob Bates are friends, but said that isn't why Bates was a reserve deputy.

He said he doesn't believe Bates' training records are faked, and he understands Bates' charge of 2nd manslaughter.

"I agree with what the DA has done," Glanz said.

Harris family attorney Dan Smolen followed the press conference with one of his own.

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"No training, no records, no certifications and no qualifications," he said.

Smolen said some of Bates' training records are missing, but Glanz said, if so, it's because state law allows the sheriff's office to get rid of records after seven years.

But Smolen pointed out the sheriff's own procedure includes keeping a "permanent record showing a deputy's shooting score."

He also showed that records reveal Bates came up one-hour short of his required yearly training.

"At this point and time, Mr. Bates should've been suspended or terminated pursuant to their policies and maybe Eric wouldn't have been shot if that had actually happened and if they'd followed through with their policies," Smolen said.

As for the FBI investigation into the shooting of Eric Harris, James Comey with the FBI said they don't see any wrongdoing based on current information.

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“New information can always come to light. Our eyes are always open, our mind is always open, but based on what we've seen so far, we don't see a civil rights case,” Comey said.

Bates' arraignment is Tuesday morning.