Creek County Infant 'Suffered From Starvation;' Parents Arrested

Monday, April 20th 2015, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

A 4-month-old boy is slowly recovering after authorities found the baby suffered from starvation in Creek County.

The child's parents face a number of felony charges. Both are behind bars while their 4-month-old baby is at St. Francis Children's hospital.

On April 10, the Mounds Police Department responded to a call of a baby in distress. When paramedics arrived they found him in cardiac arrest and applied CPR.

He's one pound heavier than when he was born, and even though that sounds shocking, he's in much better shape than when he arrived at the hospital.

Paramedics found the infant near the front door of a Mounds trailer, wrapped in a blanket and in cardiac arrest.

Now, the home of seven is empty, and neighbors Ann and Jack Bailey are outraged.

“They are defenseless, they can't do anything, they are at your mercy," Jack said.

Mounds Chief of Police, Tim McDaniel, drove by when he saw an ambulance pull in the drive way.

"This was a forgotten child," he said. "One of the paramedics ran out with the lifeless child in her arms, and the child appeared an ash color to me."

McDaniel walked inside and found four other kids - all under the age of 5 - inside with no furniture, food or formula, only spoiled milk inside the refrigerator.

"I went and bought the children some milk and cereal just to feed them while I was there," he said.

Their parents, 25-year-old Cody Haynes and 23-year-old Amanda Haynes, told police why they didn't have any food in their cabinets.

"The mother told me she was too shy to ask, so that was odd," McDaniel said.

They each face four felony counts of child neglect and one count of child abuse.

The other children were in good health, but doctors said the 4 month old was starving for weeks and nearly dead.

"I hope they can find someone that can love them and help them get over this stuff because this will change their lives forever," neighbor Ann Bailey said.

She said she would have helped if she knew. She's surprised the family didn't seek help at the church just across from their home.

The parents were on the run for a few days but turned themselves into police over the weekend.

Their baby boy will likely spend the next few weeks in the hospital.