Leonard Observatory Earthquake Monitoring Station To Close

Saturday, April 18th 2015, 1:25 pm
By: Dee Duren

Northeastern Oklahoma's seismic monitoring station is going to be closed, according to State Seismologist Dr. Austin A. Holland. The Leonard Geophysical Observatory will shut down July 15, 2015, staff say.

The facility has two full-time employees and is the Oklahoma Geological Survey's only earthquake monitoring observatory in Green Country, according to their website.

"A management decision has been made to move those staff positions to the Norman campus. We have offered the Leonard staff the opportunity to relocate. By relocating staff to Norman, and monitoring the seismic readings centrally, the OGS can realize real cost-savings and perform its functions more efficiently," Holland said in a news statement.

"This was a difficult decision due to the long history of the Observatory, but one that will result in improved monitoring and reporting of Oklahoma seismic activity."

Research Scientist Amie Gibson tells News On 6 she and a co-worker have been offered similar positions in Norman or a severance package if they choose not to relocate.

The observatory and land were donated to the state in the 1950s, according to Gibson.