City Hopes To Revitalize One Of Tulsa's Oldest Neighborhoods

Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 11:06 pm
By: News On 6

Tuesday night, the city of Tulsa asked the public how to bring one of its oldest neighborhoods back to life.

Crosbie Heights sits just outside of downtown and runs along the Arkansas River. It was one of the first neighborhoods in Tulsa, but some might not know the historic area, with historic views, exists.

Non-descript and tucked just outside of downtown Tulsa, Crosbie Heights is a unique community, according to resident Sharon Lee.

"It is a real quiet and up and coming neighborhood," she said.

Every home around Lee's is in the process of being renovated.

She has a direct view of the Arkansas River and the wildlife that comes along with it. She also has a view of the refinery, but she said that doesn't faze her at all.

"Big deal. There is not noise at night and it's all lit up and gorgeous, during the holiday season it is fantastic," she said.

The neighborhood has a lot of history to it. Part of Crosbie Heights is the location of a famous river crossing by confederate troops back in 1864.

But there are some problems in the neighborhood.

What could be a great place to call home for young families who work and play downtown is instead overrun by dilapidated buildings.

"Right now it's in a gridlock of people who think they can make money off the neighborhood and not invest anything in it," resident Miriam Mills said.

The only grocery store and coffee shop - an exciting new venture just a few years back - is closed.

"It can be more for the neighborhood and it can be more and I'm willing to contribute because I live here, ya know," Mills said.

Judging by the full house Tuesday, so are many of her fellow Crosbie Heights homeowners who turned out to officially launch the planning process.

Martha Schultz with the city of Tulsa said, "It is a lot of work, but it is worth it because people are interested in the future, and that is where we are going with it.

The planning process alone could take nine months to a year before it is even presented to city council for approval.

From there, it could take ten or 20 years, but it starts with a first step and that happened Tuesday night.