Five Hurt When Tulsa School Bus Rolls Over On Highway 75

Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 4:25 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Tulsa school bus carrying elementary students toppled down a hill on Highway 75 near 41st Street Wednesday afternoon.

Four children and the bus driver were taken to a hospital; one student was treated for a broken leg.

The young students on the bus, like 6-year-old Scotty Forrest Jr., said it was like roller coaster ride.

“I felted very scared,” he said.

The bus left its mark on a hill off Highway 75 after toppling on its side, leaving students bandaged and in a daze, while frantic parents searched for their children.

“You see your son's bus on its side and you're thinking the worst, you're thinking the worst,” said mother Racheal Worley.

The ten young Roosevelt Elementary students on the bus were almost to their drop-off spot when the bus ride they take every day left its mark on them after veering off the highway.

Scotty had just fallen asleep, but instantly reached for the seat in front of him and held on tight as the bus began to roll.

“When we crashed, landed like a ship. Someone's foot was on my hand and it really hurt my arm, also,” the 6 year old said.

The driver, 41-year-old Beatrice Williams, was carried away on a stretcher. She told Tulsa police the bus started going sideways and she tried to correct, but lost control.

That's when the bus went off the shoulder, over a guardrail and took out a light pole before it rolled onto its side and slid down a hill.

“He said to me it was like a roller coaster ride, on the side there. He wasn't sure if it was going to stop he said 'It just kept going, Mom.' Poor thing, I mean 5 years old and he's by himself. Would shake any parent up,” Racheal Worley said.

Luckily, 5-year-old Isaac Worley had Froggy to hold onto.

“He's good, I had him checked over by the paramedics,” Racheal said.

While Isaac was quite shaken up, he was still smiling and ready get back to what kindergarteners do best, playing.

It was raining when the bus crashed and Tulsa Police said the weather and speed are both factors in the accident.

Tulsa Public Schools said the driver is known in the district as being very safe and had a clean record up Wednesday's crash.

The crash caused Tulsa Police to close the southbound lanes of Highway 75 at the western I-244 junction. The lanes were reopened just after 5:00 Wednesday night.