Developers Interested In Riverside Property Must Meet Certain Specifics

Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 11:39 pm
By: News On 6

The city of Tulsa said it has a letter of intent from a developer interested in land near 71st and Riverside; but in order to build there, the city said the developer has several specifics they have to adhere to.

REI sporting goods is the developer commonly mentioned when discussing the area. The city couldn't officially confirm that, but News On 6 did find out the President of REI is a former Tulsa lawyer and OSU graduate.

Does that mean anything? We will find out when a lease is actually signed, but whoever signs the lease has a strict list of must haves in order to set up shop in the area.

More than 60 acres along the river near 71st Street in Tulsa are up for grabs.

The city recently asked developers for their ideas, but residents of the area, like Mike Martin, don't seem to want things to change.

But he, and others, might need to budge a little because it looks like the city is moving forward with an actual letter of intent from a developer.

"My yard goes directly up to the bike path. I use it on a regular basis, weather permitting. It is one of the reasons I moved there," Martin said.

The city realizes that and asks the company or companies moving there to keep some things in mind.

Things like traffic. The developer must have a plan for how to handle what can already be a nightmare at times along 71st and Riverside.

Many are wondering what could happen to their beloved volleyball courts once the property is developed, and according to the RFP, whoever does develop has to keep at least ten on the property.

The existing trail Martin uses so regularly cannot be developed over and must remain on the property in some manner; same with the Helmerich Park Playground.

The developer also has to ensure adequate parking.

"I want to see the big picture and not just retail. Make it still accessible where it is not a pain to get there and do it," Martin said.

City Councilor Phil Lakin said he supports an REI store.

He is telling his constituents that he plans to ask the developer for things like berms to hide the view of the parking lot and to design the outside of the building so it fits in well with the natural landscape.

We should officially find out who will be building in June.