Suspected Tulsa Pickup Thief Captured After Driving By Victim's House

Saturday, March 28th 2015, 9:41 am
By: Dee Duren

A man who stole a pickup outside a Tulsa gas station was captured after his victim's wife spotted the stolen vehicle.

Tulsa police took a man into custody following a pursuit Saturday morning in west Tulsa.

The victim told News On 6 he was inside a Fiesta Mart at 1500 North Peoria and came back out to find his pickup stolen. Surveillance video showed which direction the pickup went, and Tulsa police began the search.

In the meantime, the alleged car thief drove by his victim's house, and the man's wife saw someone behind the wheel of her husband's truck, the victim said. She called 911, and the pursuit continued.

It ended after the driver crashed through a gate at Chouteau Elementary School, 4132 West Cameron Street. He drove up onto a pedestrian trail then abandoned the truck near a Warehouse Market.

Police captured him a few blocks away.

The victim told News On 6 he'd learned his lesson - to never leave his keys in his vehicle. The pickup had a few dents but was otherwise in good shape.