West Tulsa Neighborhood Moving Forward After Storm Damage

Thursday, March 26th 2015, 7:46 pm
By: News On 6

Cleanup continues in a west Tulsa neighborhood damaged by a tornado that ripped through Wednesday.

The neighborhood, just across the street from a damaged gymnastics studio, is filled with several homes that were unable to withstand the storm.

The community is left to salvage the pieces as debris downed trees litter the residential streets.

Roofs are ripped off buildings and power lines can be seen draped over fence lines; and some homes are destroyed.

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"Been in some close calls before but nothing like that," one storm victim said.

Terry and his wife Barb watched the storm blow in from the home when they realized things were getting bad.

"It was right over the backyard, just twisting and everything, and we sent all the kids to the bathroom and about the time we sent them to the bathroom everything in the house just came down and hit the floor," Terry said.

Everything but the room they were in.

"It didn't even knock stuff off the cabinet in the bathroom, so," said Terry.

Harry Jones spent his day cutting up the trees that narrowly missed his house. He said one second he and his family were taking shelter as the storm blew in, the next, everything was quiet.

"We looked outside, lost two trees, lost our fence, it was a mess," Jones said.

It's a mess that everyone in the community has to clean up; some small, some too big to handle alone, but either way the people there said they'll keep moving forward.

"Thankfully no one was hurt, we were all ok, the dogs were all ok, we still have water and gas so we can do without power for a little while I think," said Jones.

Terry said, “Still shaking about it but it'll be alright, we'll start over again."

Crews are still working round the clock to get power restored, but they still don't have a timeline on when that will be.