Memorial Tree Grove At Chandler Park Dedicated To Nate Waters

Wednesday, March 11th 2015, 1:53 pm
By: News On 6

Something every kid wants to do is climb a tree, but many people with physical disabilities can't climb, so a group in Tulsa wants to provide the next best thing.

The project for a full access tree house where everyone is welcome got rolling Wednesday with a birthday celebration and tree planting.

The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, Up With Trees, Tree for All and Tulsa County Parks held a dedication and tree planting ceremony Wednesday honoring Nate Waters who died April 20, 2013.

Wednesday would have been Nate's 37th birthday. There was balloon release, a dedication ceremony and the planting of a water oak tree in the middle of the future grove.

"What we are doing today is planning, starting the dedication of the grove," Erin Jacobs said.

It will be the Nate Waters Memorial Grove at Chandler Park.

Waters was a tireless advocate for people with disabilities, he was active at the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges and he was an inspiration to others.

"He really set the pace and set the tone for our attitude of not giving up," Emeka Nnaka said.

Nnaka and Charles Owens were friends and were inspired by Waters' spirit as were all the people.

The grove is just the beginning; the completed project will feature a tree house accessible to everyone, according to Lynn Endres with The Tree For All said.

"What was something that everyone, even as a child, has wanted to do and not been able to do, and that is climb a tree," Endres said.

They're gonna build an enormous tree house over the cliffs at Chandler Park to give everyone an above and among the trees experience like no other place.

"It's gonna be all accessible, there's gonna be a ramp into it, it's gonna be circular shape which makes for easy, you don't have any three point turns," said Jacobs.

The total project got started with a tree for Nate.

"On behalf of the Center members and all people who loved Nate, we dedicate this tree to our friend Nate Waters," Nnaka said.

There are several ways to get involved with the project.

You can find out more about A Tree For All and the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, online.