Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Creates Heroic Snow Sculpture In Vinita

Monday, March 2nd 2015, 1:12 pm
By: Richard Clark

A professional mixed martial arts fighter says he used his heritage to create a giant snow sculpture in his mother's front yard in Vinita.

Wade McGlohn, 33, calls his work "Storm Warrior: The Return." It depicts a Cherokee warrior and a wolf.

McGlohn says he started piling snow for the sculpture on Saturday, February 28, 2015 because it was too dry and powdery to sculpt. He then spent all day Sunday using the heat from his hands to shape the snow and ice into a warrior at least seven feet tall.

"I just have a love for art and I don't have any resources other than snow and ice," he said.

McGlohn says his great-great-grandfather was Tom Buffington who was principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. He says he carries his warrior spirit through MMA and hopes to become a UFC fighter.

He enjoys art but spends so much time training he hasn't collected any supplies like paint or brushes. When he saw the snow falling this weekend, he got to work.

"It was kind of a rush job. I was working against the clock."  

He knows the sculpture will last only as long as it takes to melt, but he says it's worth it.

"It's cool watching the reaction from kids."