Tulsa Mother, Children Survive Brutal Attack By Stranger

Thursday, February 12th 2015, 7:16 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa mother is covered in bruises and her children are terrified after surviving a crime that started because she tried to help a stranger.

A man attacked Courtney in her driveway, punched her 10-year-old son, tried to kidnap her 9-year-old daughter then drove off in her van and totaled it.

"I don't want any problems, I'm on the phone to 911 and he just starts punching me in the face," Courtney said.

She just got home Saturday afternoon when she saw a man fighting with a woman several houses away.

Courtney called 911 from her driveway, but the man ran up to her demanding her keys; and when she said no he started hitting her until she ran inside with her three young kids.

"I'm fighting with him over the door. I grab the front door, and get it closed and locked and turn in the doorway and say, ‘You guys hide.' And, when I said, you guys hide, boom, the door came in," she said.

The man came in, punched Courtney and knocked her to the ground. She said he slammed her head against the wall while he cussed and yelled about them being infected and he had to save them.

Courtney's son ran into the backyard and the man chased him.

"My son was climbing over the back fence and I see him yank my son off the fence and starts punching my son in the head and face and he says, ‘You're infected, you must die, you must die,'" she said.

Courtney hit the man and protected her son as the man kept hitting them. He eventually kicked her dog unconscious, as well, then, ran back into the house.

Courtney followed him and saw the man dragging her 9-year-old daughter out the front door.

"I ran out and grabbed her and said, ‘Please don't take my daughter, we all want to go with you, we don't want to be infected, we'll go with you.' I was thinking stall him, the police will be here anytime, please stall," she said.

He finally jumped into Courtney's van and took off. He slammed into the garage of a home around the corner, knocked down the garage door and damaged the two cars inside.

Police arrested Lubuto Musonda for five felonies and three misdemeanors.

To make matters worse, Courtney found out she was going to owe Storey wrecker more than $400 in fees, but after hearing about her ordeal, they waived those for her.

As for her van, a local Chevy dealer said they'd be willing to give her one.