Tulsa Police Seek Second Suspect In Fatal Barber Shop Shooting

Monday, February 9th 2015, 6:18 pm

Tulsa Police are looking for a second suspect in a deadly shooting at a barber shop Friday night.

Police arrested one suspect within 24 hours and now they're looking for his accomplice.

Though the suspect is being held for murder, police said a second man was with him at the door of the barbershop when shots were fired into the building.

Four people were hit, one was killed, but police had run into a roadblock getting information.

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Brandy Miller is both sad and angry over the death of her boyfriend of five years, Keith Liggins.

"It's sad, but we will get justice, and somebody's going to get to talking," Miller said.

Liggins was a barber at the Gifted Hands barbershop. He and three others were hit by gunfire and police said all of them were innocent victims.

“And I'm heartbroken right now. I just want justice for Keith and his family and it's just sad,” Miller said.

Tulsa Police detectives believe the intended target - who was in the chair getting a haircut - returned fire and scared the shooters off, but they're not certain because no one is talking.

“And it's not anti-police, it's anti-give us anything we can use, so we're having to work around that at this point,” said Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker.

He said multiple witnesses, some of them also victims, won't help the police.

“And these people in that store, they have the opportunity to say this is the last time we're going to have something like this. If we start today and put these people away, maybe in five years, their children - and there was child in that store - they won't be a victim to a random shooting,” Walker said.

Police arrested 24-year-old Chadrick Colbert for the murder. He's a former juvenile offender and police said he's facing federal charges from a gang investigation announced last year.

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Police have not found the guns and have been unable to find the intended target of the shooting.

Miller is hoping someone will talk.

"I never thought that that day would be the last day I see him," she said.

Police said they know who was in the barber chair and they're pretty certain on the second suspect outside too, but they're not ready to name those people publicly while they're looking for them.