Tulsa Shop Specializes In 'Mantiques'

Monday, February 2nd 2015, 5:37 pm
By: News On 6

You've likely heard of "antiquing," but what about "mantiquing?" It's...just like it sounds.

Mike Hollowell and his wife Jamie have an antique store on 11th street. Actually two stores in one. Old Pink Truck is more or less Jamie's side, and Mike's Mantiques - is his.

"We were doing the flea markets and selling stuff on line," said Mike Hollowell. "Our basement in the house was packed full."

They had to get the stuff out of the house, so 14 months ago, they opened the shop at 1416 E. 11th Street, just east of Peoria.

There's a lamp made from some old parts - a propeller and a gauge of some kind. Then another, well, Mike will tell you.

"It's made of a Chevrolet valve cover, and the exhaust tip," he said.

Mike's Mantiques

The bulb kind of looks like a flame. It could be a desk lamp. There are lots of old metal toy trucks.

"The guys love the oil cans; the signs are a big deal, the metal signs," said Mike Hollowell, owner of Mike's Mantiques.

They've got old hub caps and license plates from years ago. I found an old catcher's mitt. I found some old tools - love those.

"Anything to decorate the garage with, or the living room if your wife will let you," Mike said.

Oh yeah, "Honey, look what I got!"

I love this mantique stuff.