Dinosaur Statue Stolen From Bartlesville Pet Store Found In Tulsa

Wednesday, January 28th 2015, 3:56 pm
By: Richard Clark

A dinosaur statue missing from a Bartlesville pet store has been found in Tulsa.

Kathy Keim, the owner of Classic Pets in Bartlesville, said the body of the dinosaur has been found and returned to the store.

Someone stole the 9-foot fiberglass Tyrannosaurus Rex Sunday morning. It has become an icon in Bartlesville over the last decade, donning different costumes and being the featured in countless family photographs. 

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The statue was large but not heavy, Keim said, and was held down by cables.

Keim said a woman reported seeing the dinosaur in the back of a truck with the cables still attached. She got the license number of the truck and law enforcement eventually found the pieces behind a restaurant near 61st and Peoria in Tulsa.

Keim is still hoping to find the rest of the pieces, particularly the head, because the dinosaur may be able to be salvaged and reassembled. 

She didn't have any information on the identity of the person was was driving the truck.