Thieves Steal Trailer Before Tulsa Church's Annual Retreat

Wednesday, January 21st 2015, 11:07 pm
By: Craig Day

Trailer thefts happen all the time across our area, but thieves took a trailer this week from a Tulsa church and it couldn't have come at a worse time.

St. Bernard's Catholic Church had a trailer in their parking lot full of everything they need for a big retreat this week.

It was ready to roll, but before the church got that chance, the thieves rolled away with it.

"My gosh, the trailer is gone," said church member, Phil Doerpinghaus.

Sometime Monday night, thieves took the trailer.

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"It's hard for us to fathom here, because we don't believe in any of that," Doerpinghaus said.

Church member, Chantal Pixley said, "Sickening feeling that something like this could happen in a church."

The theft was bad enough, but the timing was terrible. The 5-by-12, single axle trailer was loaded with things for a big retreat.

It's the third year for the event, which is designed to help people grow spiritually and to encourage them to become more active in their communities and become better servants.

"Some of the folks were thinking, ‘do we need to put it off,' and we said no we're going to have it and we're going to make it happen and we will," Doerpinghaus said.

Pixley said, "We still press on, it's that important for us to continue."

Thankfully, they're able to press on because other parishes in the area are stepping up to provide St. Bernard with about everything they'll need for the retreat.

"Won't be the same as ours, but it will work," said Doerpinghaus.

Of course, they hope to get the trailer back.

They think the thieves will likely dump everything inside, including banners and several large crosses. The church would at least like to get those returned if they're found.

Doerpinghaus said, "We're going to forgive them, it's a little hard right now, but we're going to forgive them."

Anyone who sees the trailer, or discovers any of the ministry supplies abandoned, is urged to contact police or the church at 918-299-9406.