Tulsa Police Looking For Armed Woman Who Robbed Two Stores

Tuesday, January 20th 2015, 6:54 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police are looking for a woman who's robbed two stores at gunpoint. She even fired a shot inside one of the stores.

Police say a Cricket store is the first place she robbed. They say she was wearing a hoodie and had her face partially covered and she tried talking in a lower voice, trying to fool the victims into thinking she's a man.

The video shows she went into the East Pine store January 9 in the middle of the afternoon, already with her face covered and her gun in her hand.

There's a customer and an employee and she tells the employee to hand over all the money and hurry. As she's about to leave, she points the gun right at the customer's face. He raises his hands to show he's not a threat.

"It's uncommon enough that we pay attention when a female suspect does come in because it's relatively rare," said Sgt Brandon Watkins, Tulsa Police Department Robbery Squad.

The next day, also in the afternoon, video shows she goes into the 2 Go Foods store, a few blocks away.

Police say she put a drink on the counter like she's going to buy it and then says she doesn't have cash, so leaves and comes back with a scarf around part of her face The employee tells her to remove it, but she says no, it's cold outside, then he says, it's not cold in the store, uncover your face and show me some ID.

That's when she pulls out the gun and demands the money. The store had been robbed by two men, just two days earlier.

Before she left, she fired off a shot inside the store.

"That tells me, it's a rarity and anytime you start stepping outside the norm, the possibility of danger increases. Just because she's a female does not mean she's not going to kill somebody," Watkins said.

Other than knowing, she's about 5'6" tall and close to 200 pounds, police don't know anything about her or have any leads.

Police don't care if she's a man or a woman. They see her as an armed robber and someone who needs to be taken off the streets, so if you recognize her or know something about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.