Family Sickened By Possible Plea Deal For Bristow Woman In Triple Murders

Monday, January 19th 2015, 11:46 pm

A deal is on the table in a Creek and Pawnee County murder case that's more than 20 years old.

Beverly Noe, 67, is charged with killing Wendy Camp, 23, her daughter Cynthia Britto, 6, and Lisa Kregear, 22, in 1992.

Noe was supposed stand trial in February, but now prosecutors have offered her a plea deal.

“The whole thing is just so sickening to me and I'm to the point where I'm like 21 years is enough to deal with this, I was ready to put it behind me and just move on and just hand it on to God,” said Camp's sister, Aisha Hashmi.

Hashmi said if Noe takes the deal being offered she would go to prison, but likely wouldn't be there for long.

“I've suffered all of these years to find out what happened to them, now we know and now I want that lady, ya know she killed my sister, my niece and my sister-in-law, and now it's time for her to rot in prison,” Hashmi said.

The case was cold for two decades.

But then a tipster, Noe's Brother, Grover Prewitt led investigators to the bodies.

The women and little girl were found buried on a piece of property in Pawnee County in April 2013. Investigators believe the three were actually murdered in a Creek County.

Noe, Camp's ex-mother-in-law, was arrested and charged with three counts of murder last March.

At the time of the deaths, Camp was in a bitter custody battle with her ex-in laws, who were raising her then-toddler son, Jonathan.

“ She lost her life fighting for her child,” Camp's sister said. “And she [Noe] got to raise Jonathan and everything she wanted, she ended up getting.”

An autopsy revealed Camp had been shot and stabbed, Lisa died of a gunshot wound to the torso.

Cynthia's cause of death was undetermined, but Hashmi believes her 6-year-old niece suffocated.

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“ My niece suffered, I can't get over that. And then to hear that they're offering her the plea deal tomorrow, I almost lost it,” she said.

Camp's sister, Aisha Hashmi, says it was her understanding the state had iron-clad evidence against Noe.

“She wouldn't walk, I mean, there would be no way possible for her to walk,” Hashmi said.

But on last week, Hashmi learned prosecutors had offered Noe a deal in exchange for a guilty plea.

“ It makes me feel like she got away with it,” said Hashmi.

From the beginning, including when News On 6 interviewed her two years ago, Noe has said she was innocent.

"I had nothing to do with it. That's what gets me is I had nothing to do with it and now they may take me away from my kid,” Noe said.

But her claim of innocence could soon change.

Hashmi says prosecutors are offering Noe 15 years in prison and 15 years parole in exchange for a guilty plea.

But she says Noe would likely be back on the streets in four to eight years.

And Hashmi says for her, that's just like getting away with murder.

“In the end it feels like she kicked our ass and took names and we got nothing. We didn't even get our nephew in the process,” she said.

Grover Prewitt, who helped investigators when he let detectives wire him to record his conversations with his sister, also admitted to helping bury the bodies, according to court documents.

He's charged with accessory after the fact, but also a key witness.

The family of the victims say they believe prosecutors are offering the deal because Prewitt is very sick and may not be alive when the trial is set to start.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.