Apartment Complex Provides Hands-On Training For Tulsa Police

Tuesday, January 13th 2015, 7:26 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police officers kicked in doors and broke out plate glass windows Tuesday. They were training at an apartment complex that's going down to make room for the Gathering Place.

The Tulsa patrol officers weren't doing random demolition, they were learning the best techniques on forcible entry - like breaching a door - in case they need to get inside to make a rescue or serve a warrant.

They learned how doors made of different materials respond differently, the best place to hit and how much force it takes.

Doing those exercises in real life makes it hit home, and knowing what to do when seconds count is critical.

"They're not gonna have the time to call a SWAT team member to come out and force entry for them. If someone needs their help, they need it immediately," said Corporal Jason Muse, TPD.

Officers also learned about different types of glass and how it reacts.

They said it's invaluable to see and feel the difference and to know what they might face.

Officers even learned the best way to get through a wall.

Learning how to do the tasks now, without the stress and adrenalin, trains officers to be able to do it right when a life is on the line.

"I tell them, if they're doing it the first time under stress, it's not a recipe for success," Muse said.

Very few police departments get access that this type of real world, hands-on training. Tulsa police said they couldn't thank the Kaiser Foundation enough.